We give plants what they need
to express the traits the market wants.

Our scientists use intelligent controlled indoor growing systems to model the exact environmental conditions needed to create superior plants and ensure maximum yield for growers.

*we are a clean agriculture technology company

What is Phlora?
Sustainable (and smart!) Indoor Growing Systems

Phlora is a multi-layered platform and architecture comprised of 4 key technologies: growth modules, instrumentation, software, and learned growth data. The architecture leverages modeled data and produces recipes for optimum yield on a per-plant basis.

Which program is right for you?

We provide just-in-time plants to meet grower demand. Growers save and our system allows us to enhance plant physiology in an eco-friendly way.


full lifecycle growth


starters & seedling


special projects

Phlora is not just for growing leafy greens.
We can grow any complex agriculture product.

Zero Temperature Gradient

Precision Humidity Control

Efficient Resource Allocation

CO2 Concentration Management

Variable Air Flow Velocity

Universal Oscillating Growth Chamber

Ready to outperform your competitors?

Let’s talk! Our team collaborates with full scale commercial growers, seed providers, grower communities, growing projects, and grower alliances.


With Phlora,
we make growing economical.

With Phlora technology, superior plants are grown faster,
with less resource utilization (including water and fertilizer), and with less seed. Check out some of the outstanding results we produced below with our partner Grafted Growers™.

90% less resources

Resources Used by Phlora


Common indoor growing methods


30% less time

Propagation Time with Phlora


Common indoor growing methods


Our Clients

our commitment

We help growers minimize risk.

Around the world, agriculture suffers from 3 primary inefficiencies: growing capacity, poor shipping conditions, and poor understanding of environmental conditions. With Phlora, we can help growers expand capacity quickly with hearty, shipping-ready, temperature resilient, and disease-free starter-plants. 

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Flora, Inc. is a team of controlled environment engineers, agricultural and horticultural scientists and leaders from California and Mexico, who are passionately dedicated to advancing and economically benefiting traditional grower processes, agricultural product quality, growing volume, speed of delivery, and reliable product.

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